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Vogue Collections 

iOS Application of complete archive of Fashion Shows from New York, Paris, Milan, London and Moscow.

UX/UI Designer & product owner / June 2016


Conde Nast’s Selling Department had a simple request, they wanted to increase their profit, and were open to anything.With these wide open parameters, we created a feature app with over one million downloads.

 The success of this project was a direct result of my work. I created the App interface, advertorial possibilities, and generated new ideas geared toward our target audience and advertising partners. I also managed our technical team and numbers.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this app alongside a  highly professional technical team ( My ideas and design would not have been able to take flight without their expertise in integration and animation. 

Although the main goal of this project was to attract advertisers, I like to see it from its root. My focus is always to develop a stellar product, because this is what ultimately attracts customers and advertisers. 

Target Audience:

Consumers who...

Are Fashion-Savvy. 
Have a strong sense of personal taste.
Are motivated by staying on top of trends.
Are constantly on their personal devices.
Travel frequently.
Frustrated by poor connection.

What the Target Audience Expects From the App:

Information at their fingertips.
Simple searches. 
Hi-resolution images.
Content tailored to their unique taste.

This case is about how the request of Conde Nast selling department literally sounded like “let’s do anything to get more money” transformed to featured app with over 1 mln downloads.

My role was UX/UI Designer & product owner. I was responsible for the result. App interface, advertorial possibilities, generating new ideas for target audience and advertising partners, managing technical team and numbers. As much as possible. As always.

I was lucky to work with very professional technical team (, Feeling grateful when remembering the process. Don’t thing the app became what it’s become without these guys. I was about ideas and design, they did integration and animation effects.

Although the main goal of the project was to attract advertisers I don’t like to see the case from this side. For me it sounded more like to do the best as possible to attract more people, advertising are the result of good product.

Target Audience

Need to get only what they like
Want to be first whenever possible.
Mobile addicted.
Travels a lot.
Angry when offline.

What TA expects from the app?

Wants to get information as fast as possible.
Simple search.
Big pictures.
What I like only.


Over 200 designers and 40,000 pictures are uploaded to the platform each season. How will the user not miss their favourites?

solution 1:

Customizable Instagram-like feed with newest shows


Data from our surveys indicated that our target audience was most comfortable using a platform with a similar structure to Instagram, so we designed the flow of the app with similar features. 

We implemented a algorithm- driven feed with newest shows. 
Updates on current shows are easy to follow.
Every fashion show is archived by type, season and designer.
Searching for past collections is effortless.


solution 2:

A categorized archive including options to search ‘new content’


If the user can’t find a particular new designer or show in their feed, they have the ability to quickly locate  it in the archive via the "New" icon next to category or show. 

The icon remains for 3 month after a new category or show is uploaded, and disappears after the user has opened the tab.

solution 3:

Show counter for those who don't open the app regularly.


Solution 4:

To provide information as quickly as possible, users have the option of allowing pushes. They can choose to receive automatic updates on topics such as Fashion Weeks, or their favourite designers.

Users are able to customize these push notifications and receive updates tailored to their unique interests.



How will users explore collections while riding the subway or during a flight?

Our data indicated that our primarily Moscow-based audience spends a great deal of time commuting, and rides the subway for upwards of one hour per day. For many on-the-go individuals, this commute is their downtime to spend on their smartphones. 


Offline browsing

The ability to download any collection and enjoy watching it offline. 


increasing earnings

Advertising formats

Working with the advertising department I created two advertisement formats that could be inserted in a variety of locations: a sponsor logo section on the main splash and at the bottom of the menu, and a video/html5/static banner in the main feed and in the feeds of each collection. 

Advertising presence is customizable and dependent on the advertising plan. It can be set to:

Every 5 pictures.
Every 10 pictures.
Every 15 pictures.



Offline browsing is still a primary issue.
Quality over quantity. A platform with fewer options that operates flawlessly will always win over a platform with endless options and endless technical errors.


Featured by Apple in 'Top Fashion apps'.
Over 1 Million downloads.
4.5 stars overal rating in Appstore.
Sponsored by top fashion brands.
Praised by Jeremy Scott, Moschino's Art Director


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