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Case 1

Fast checkout with multiple size selections.

Fast Order is the process of ordering one item on a mobile e-commerce platform without the client having to first access the shopping basket. There are several benefits for the client: they don’t need to register or type out their address. The catch - it’s not possible for the consumer to select different sizes in a single Fast Order. Until now. 

The flow


As the user feedback indicated, size mismatch is one of the primary reasons customers do not complete a purchase. But with Fast Order, multiple size selection is made easy. 


Fast order turnovers increased by 27%.
Total sales increased by 2,2%

Case 2

Evolution of the shopping basket.

As we all know, with every step, the chance of abandoning or cancelling an order rises. This is why making the user flow as short as possible is key. 

I began by combining customer information and baskets. Although I shrunk the order summary, I altered the colours to be more eye-catching, for users who order one or two items and don’t recheck them while checking out. 


What I implemented:

1) Customer authorization entry on order page via phone number, automatically registered after first order.
2) 3% discount offered for checking out immediately. 
3) Order summary (basket page on scenario #1) minimized, but designed using contrasting color to attract attention. 
4) All navigation hidden so as not to distract the customer from placing the order.

Screencast of the basket:


The average time it took for customers to place an order decreased by 34%.
Basket bounce rate decreased from 7% to 4%

case 3

The Effects of Visual Language on Sales

The official Marella reseller reached out to us in regards to their site's bounce rate- it was too high. Although their team has already implemented several UX and UI strategies, something wasn’t working. I had a hypothesis. What would happen if we designed the Marella reseller site’s visuals to better align with that of Marella’s official website? The results were incredible. 

Index page bounce rate decreased from 66% to 47%
Sales increased by 42%. 



These cases is proof that customer behaviour is constantly changing. There is always something to improve.


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